Falafel made by Alibeyfood The ultimate street food

Produkt: Falafel

Menge:  8 x 50 in einem Karton

Haltbarkeit: Tiefgekühlt mindesten 1 Jahr haltbar

Menge in Palette : 72 Kartone auf einer Palette

Gewicht:     25 Gramm per Ball

Gewicht:     10Kg per Box

Gewicht:     720 KG per Palette

Transportkosten:     100€ per Palette EU Weit im Tiefkühl LKW


The ultimate street food – ideal in any salad, pita, sandwich or on the go snack!

There’s no wonder the falafel is so universally loved. It’s renowned for its versatility and enjoyed by vegetarians and flexitarians alike. Easy to eat in any setting and packed with protein, the falafel has well and truly taken the foodie world by storm.


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